Sid Meowington

Background: Student, Barista Cat University, focusing in sustainable growing. Hobbies include home roasting, and ultimate frisbee.

Favorite Drink: “The more bitter the better… or anything that helps me get through finals week.”

Dr. Gwen Purrcy

Background: Resident oncologist at St. Whiskers Medical Center. Dr. Purrcy ensure every cat gets all nine lives.

Favorite Drink: “Mochas. Hard Stop. Give me that chocolate!”

Daisey Kittenson

Background: Yoga instructor by day, Tabletop RPG game master by night. She can launch a horde of goblins at her players while she balances on one paw.

Favorite Drink: “Classic latte, the purrfect balance of ingredients. Simple and sophisticated.”

Joe Catsup

Background: Former rancher, current realtor, future amateur juggler. Fan of campfires, ghost stories, and a cup of molten java.

Favorite Drink: “Coffee. Hot. Black.”

Jerri Pouncer

Background: Singer, songwriter, and espresso enthusiast, Jerri spends their time travelling from gig to gig and seeing the beautiful world and its beautiful people along the way.

Favorite Drink: “Barnyard hay to city grey, it’s Café au Lait all the way.”

Reggie Yarnball

Background: Local handyman, regional knitting champion, global coffee connoisseur.

Favorite Drink: “Well, it’s simple, ain’t nothing I can’t do with a strong enough brew.”

Betty “Mosh” Bosch

Background: Fan of loud Concerts, heavy chains, sharp spikes, and puzzles. When not rocking out at the local music hall, she’s knee-deep in a 5,000 piece Ravensburger.

Favorite Drink: “What?! Speak louder! Oh, no I don’t really like toffee! Thanks though!”

Mr. Meowzer

Background: Middle school social sciences teacher. Enjoys long walks at the park, bird watching, and playing the occasional game of chess.

Favorite Drink: “Well, sometimes I treat myself to an iced caramel latte. What a joy.”

Freddy Phur

Background: Expert crane operator. Construction or demolition, Freddy is your cat.

Favorite Drink: “I generally prefer tea, but sometimes you need an extra kick, and a caramel macchiato always hits the spot.”

Heidi Katnapp

Background: Executive Partner at Yawnson & Purrs. Distinguished public speaker and mother of eight.

Favorite Drink: “As much espresso as you can fit in that cup, neat and now. To go.”

More to Come…

Disclaimer. This page is dedicated to adding flavor and fun to the cast of cats that make up the Barista Cat card game. The character illustrations will be included in the final version of the game, but all text, including names are for flavor purposes only as of this moment and will not be included in the game in any way.