Meowpdate #1

Welcome & Thank You!

It has been almost a year since we started work on Barista Cat, and now we’re only a few weeks away from launching on Kickstarter. Whether you’ve been with us since the beginning or have just joined us, thank you for your interest and support. We are truly so excited to share the next leg of this journey with all of you. Today we’ll be introducing you to the story of how we got here.

How It Started

While driving to Corvallis to visit my folks, with my one-year-old son finally dozing in his car seat, a game idea suddenly popped into my head. “What if we made a card game about fulfilling coffee orders?”, I blurted out to my wife, Brittinay. She pondered the comment briefly then said, “Okay, but the customers have to be cats”, and Barista Cat was born. So, encouraged by family and friends, I set out in July of 2020 to try and pull this thing off.

How It Grew

The game couldn’t be too complicated or too simple. It had to allow for both strategy and chance. Coming up with the cards and gameplay ended up being the easy part. With the continuous support and feedback from Brittinay, we worked through the gritty mechanics, resulting in a lengthy Excel matrix and easily over a hundred play tests until we felt it was ready.

How It Blossomed

The game needed more though, it needed magic, and Reese was ready to answer the call. I had worked with Reese on several smaller projects in the previous year but never something of this magnitude. Lucky for us, he was just as excited as we were to hop aboard. Reese has an incredible ability to bring the simplest idea, even a vague one, to a beautiful reality. It has been an absolute privilege to work with Reese, watching as he brought each and every fabulous feline to life.